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I worked out what was going on quickly enough, and I love the idea of combining the mastermind mechanic with the dungeon crawling I think there could be a really cool almost rogue-lite game in that.

I did really struggle with the enemies though, the angles they came at me from made it really hard to shoot as they would go just above/below my magic and in some cases I’d be unable to jump them because of platforms. Because of that I didn’t get too far, but if i understand the gods hints then I did get at least 2 gems right before giving up.

Controls were a bit floaty but as I’ve noticed from a few games that’s just a personal preference. I also really liked reading about your self imposed 128x128 limit. Those sorts of challenges are a lot of fun!

Great job!

Thanks for trying out my game!

My personal major grievances that I'd like to have had time to improve are floaty controls (they were a lot floatier in the beginning though so I did manage to get some progress in this area), the claustrophobic levels (I was thinking that even a simple player character minifying from current a height 32 to 24 might change the available manouever area enough to have major impact) and the enemy behaviour, or rather, the unfairness of it.

Nothing impossible, but would've required a couple days of massaging to get to something a bit more reasonable. Might or might not revisit postjam.

Thank you for the feedback!


The game had me confused at the start, since I wasn't sure exactly what to do.

Have you thought about some kind of tutorial or text at the start?

Overall the game was really fun and I like what you did with the theme and the restrictions!

Thanks for trying my game out!

Did you figure the game out eventually though? Tutorial or easier levels first to teach the player how to play it was planned, but you know how it is in game jams. Time always runs out. I might revisit this later, fix the audio, make some animations, and either do some easing in or tutorial or something, I'll have to think it through Post-Jam.

Suggestions for making the goals clearer are always appreciated and will be taken under advisement!


The game was fun, but I felt like it was too confusing at start. Also your linux executable doesn't have execution rights. I will send you a fixed file on discord.

Thanks for testing out the game! Yes, I can totally see how it would be confusing at start. I'm not even sure how I would go about making it less confusing while still maintaining the same micro/macro-loop mechanic...  🤔