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A game in 48h #GGJ17


Repliscope is a game about replicating a sine wave in an oscilloscope. Using your twin sticks on a gamepad, you'll need to be vigilant to match sine waves to the ever-faster-changing sine waves on the Repliscope(tm)s

You have two of them. No-one knows why. You need to match your sine waves to the machines sine waves, both left and right at the same time, independently of each other. The left stick controls the left Repliscope and the right stick controls the right one. Horizontal movement controls the wavelength and the vertical the amplitude.

If you don't have a gamepad you can use a keyboard in a pinch, but was not really intended to be played that way. WASD keys handle the left side and arrow keys handle the right side.

How many Repliscopings can you get?


Install instructions

Developed and built with Unity for GGJ#17 FGJ#17 on Windows.


Repliscope_Win.zip 13 MB
Repliscope_Linux.tar.gz 15 MB
Repliscope_Mac.app.zip 14 MB

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